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You will be prompted to create yourself an Ethereum wallet. And exactly this is what you want to do! Just type in a secure password and press on the blue button.

Your wallet has been generated following some RNG (random number generator) algorithm. Now you should save this file on a device you know is safe; for example a USB-Stick or your computer. Then press on the red button.

Now you need to secure your private key. Here is a blog article we have already written about Bitcoin private keys, but it’s the same with ethereum private keys.

The best way to secure your private key is to click on the ‘Print Paper Wallet’ button and print out the image. Place this paper wallet in a hidden and reliable place; for example in a vault.

There are 5 possibilities to access your just created ethereum wallet – the two easiest ones are Keystore File and Private Key. We selected Private Key and typed the code we saved in step 3 in. Now press on ‘Unlock’ to open up your Ethereum Wallet on MyEtherWallet!

After unlocking your myEtherWallet, you can see your public address. This is the address you need to send Ethereum to. IMPORTANT: YOU CAN NOT SEND BTC! If you don’t already have ETH, you can easily convert BTC to your new ETH address over

When the initial coin offering starts, you need to send ether over the menu ‘Send Ether & Tokens’ to the address stated in the ICO. You will automatically get the token over a smart contract to your myEthereumWallet. Simple and convenient.

Congratz, you have joined the ICO and will receive the tokens shortly!


Genesis® is a patented system for industrial wastewater treatment. With Genesis®, we will save millions in operating costs; provide a smaller, more reliable, and more thorough cleaning system; and operate in green manner with no harmful chemicals.

The main goal of Genesis® is to maximize the use of its patented technology in developing more of our water treatment facilities and to promote and inspire other exciting environmentally friendly technology to use an ICO to access needed investment funds.

To build the average 300 to 500 bbl/hr system it will take between 90 and 120 days for a one-time ordered system.

As per the ICO, it is our intention to be able to manufacture and construct 12 x 5000 bbl/hr systems. It is estimated that the total manufacturing process will take 7-9 months after the closing of the ICO.

The life spans of pumps, valves, analytical equipment, UV bulbs, etc. are standard manufacturers’ warranties.

Our key technologies, ozone generator, mainly, and a few other key proprietary components, should last ten to twelve years before needing partial rebuilds and the filters used in our system should last 3 to 5 years.

Here’s the first letter related to frac flowback water (End of 2013). The most recent was earlier this year.

Different patents were issued at different times. The ozone generator patent was issued in 2007 and is good until 2027. The two related to sludge treatment (coagulation and ultrafiltration) issued in 2009. The fourth was filed in 2013 and still pending. The last two are filed in 2017 and still pending.

And, we have many more patents to file in the near future…


We intend to apply for listing on Bittrex, Binance and OpenLedger exchanges.

We’ll be doing this as soon as possible after the token sale has completed. It may take a week or two before the WATER token will be tradable on an exchange.

WATER is an ERC20 token meaning you can store it on your personal Ethereum wallets such as MyEtherWallet. This will make it easy to send to and from exchanges – no additional wallet needed.

There is minimum contribution equivalent to USD$3,000,000.

There is a maximum contribution of USD $200,000,000, due to our hard cap of 40M WATER.

There will be a maximum of 40,000,000 WATER tokens. We will not know the exact number until after the token sale has completed, because we have guaranteed that all token sale tokens sold will make up exactly 76.19% of all tokens in circulation. So until we know how many are sold, we cannot tell you how many will be created.

We will never create more tokens in the future.

In order to arrive at our final number, we will create 52,500,000 WATER tokens and then immediately burn all unsold and unclaimed tokens. For example if we sell 7,619,000 WATER during our token sale, we will generate 2,381,000 and then burn 42,500,000 immediately, leaving 10,000,000.

If you are contributing ETH to our token sale, your WATER tokens will be automatically sent to the same ETH address your contribution came from. This is why you must not contribute from an exchange wallet. You must contribute from a personal Ethereum wallet such as MyEtherWallet.

After we have distributed the tokens, we will publish instructions on how to view them in your wallet. This will include a contract address, decimals and symbol for you to add to your wallet. Please check our social media and website for updates, after the token sale ends on TBA.

If you are contributing with BTC, LTC or NEO, you must email us after contributing, and include your personal ETH address in your email.

All contributors require a personal Ethereum wallet to receive tokens, regardless of how they contributed.

We will be distributing the WATER tokens to all contributors after the completion of the final stage of the token sale.

The token sale ends on TBA, so you can expect the tokens to be distributed between that date, and December 1. It would be a good idea to follow us on social media or check our news section for updates.


Genesis Research and Technology Group® uses blockchain technology to guarantee the quality of the water units produced.

No, Genesis Research and Technology Group® uses the Ethereum blockchain which features smart contracts. The benefit of these contracts is that the blockchain provides a decentralized way to verify and enforce them. The decentralized aspect makes it incredibly difficult for fraud or censorship.