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The world's first chemical-free cold plasma technology platform on blockchain.


November 7, 2017 8:00PM PST

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We are committed to providing clean reusable water without chemicals for our world's population


Genesis Research & Technology Group® Inc provides custom state-of-the-art technology to clean and purify all levels of water. Our specialized technicians deliver a proprietary technology to any location and can be custom built for a fraction of the industry cost.

The Genesis® System uses four patents for water and industrial wastewater treatment resulting in a chemical-free, low energy technology. The processes used are advanced oxidation, coagulation, and ultra-filtration.

Genesis Research & Technology Group® History


We are committed to providing clean reusable water

without chemicals for our world's population

Ron Price

Chief Executive Officer

Cheryl Ryan

Chief Operating Officer

R. Michael Lagow

Chief Administration Officer

Jeff Soward

Chief Technology Officer

Gary Bagnall, P.E.

Vice President

William R. Hood

Chief Marketing Officer

Rich Boisture

Executive VP, Refining & Petrol Chemical

H. Lee Murphy III

Chief Business Officer

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GR&TG uses proprietary technology that is raising the standards for purification of our most precious resource


The Genesis® System provides a smaller, more reliable, and more thorough cleaning system.

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