How to complete daily challenges in temple run 2

Daily challenges in temple run 2, makes you grow as an individual. Meaning as soon as you complete your daily challenges, you will face an upgrade of your avatar, which can be used to collect unlimited of gems and rewards.

One of the easiest ways to do it through with the help of temple run cheat 2. To get the trick to get unlimited gems, you first need to download a third-party application known as the filed explorer.

You will find the cheat application in the google store, and then all you have to do is follow further instructions. The installation process of this application is straightforward.

All you have to do is replace the original file explorer present into the device with the ones that you got from the third-party store. Meaning there will be filed named as gamedata.txt. Copy and paste this file into your android device.

Once done shut off your phone and then reboot. Once rebooted you will see that all the necessary actions have taken place and you will get unlimited coins and gems. Now the only thing to note is the fact that this cheat will only work in the new version of temple run 2.

Cheats if applied in temple run one would not work. If you concerned with the safety of your phone, then please don’t worry as these cheats are not fake and very much comfortable with your device.

Avatar in challenges

Now you can’t ignore the fact that temple run 2 is a significant upgrade from temple run one which has only limited amount of characters. Now your avatars can be Usain bolt, scarlet fox, Bruce lee and so on.

The game has a total of 9 missions which are combined with hidden chests, mysterious artifacts which can be obtained by advancing through challenges. The tournament hosts weekly and daily challenges to keep the players hooked for hours.

In the initial stages you will not be compelled in participating in daily and weekly challenges. Once you reach level 6 you will be forced to complete daily challenges.

Most of time you will available for daily challenges since the game uses the android clock to make you appear for regular gaming. Weekly problems arise once in a week, so it is recommended to keep an eye of that one.

Trick applied

Now it has to be realized that nobody has the time or patience to wait for 24 hours and then complete a challenge. So, to mitigate this issue, this article will let you know of a trick through which you can participate in weekly and daily challenges at any random hour.

To do this search in google for temple run two Apk and download it. Now after installing the game open the game and go to settings which is available from the menu.

Once you open the settings modify the date and time 11: 59 pm and set this as default. After completing this process, you will be available to play all the weekly and daily challenges.